Memberships Prices

To participate in group, private 1:1 lessons or to book a tennis court with Kensington Tennis Club, you will need a membership. From individual memberships to family plans, we offer flexible options to accommodate various lifestyles. 

Most of our memberships are annual and can be paid for in monthly instalments or in one lump sum.

We also offer a 7-day pass for all temporary visitors.

To view pricing for lessons and memberships view below.

Club Tier Memberships: £14.99 per month or £150 per year

Gold Tier Membership: £54.99 per month or £550 per year

Gold Family Tier Membership: £74.99 per month or £750 per year

Platinum Tier Membership: £194.99 per month or £1950 per year

7-Day Pass: £54.99 per week

Private lessons (1:1 with regular coach): £75 per hour 

Private lessons (1:1 with head coach): £90 per hour  

Cost to add another person to a private lesson: £15

Group lessons when the whole term is booked: £12 per lesson 

Group lesson ad hock (random weeks booked) lesson cost: £20 per lesson

Become a member to book lessons through the Kensington Tennis Club App

Whether you're a club member, gold member, platinum member or have a 7 day pass, at Kensington Tennis Club you can all enjoy the following benefits:

Access all our venues across West London.

Book courts to play tennis any day of the week

Use our members-only app to book all your lessons & courts

Get exclusive discounts with Kensington Tennis partners.

Be invited to KTC events and tournaments and be added to our own Wimbledon ballot

No hidden fees! Court & lesson prices quoted include all court fees.

Looking to book our courts?

As a Club member, you will have access to more than 20 outdoor courts that can be booked through this website. Courts available for private booking are located across four venues. Only those with a Kensington Tennis Club membership can play on a privately booked court. Tennis balls and rackets are not provided but can be rented. 

Looking to get even more out of your membership?

Our Platinum membership empowers you by letting the club work for you. KTC's concierge services provide an array of irresistible exclusive benefits.